Hoolet is a modern publishing company. Our company is built to inhabit the digital age. This is not the business as usual. 

Our range of in-house skills is unparalleled, ensuring that the authors we work with and the stories we publish have the full weight of a business consultant, digital illustrator, website designer, online marketer and audio visual developer.

This means that every story can reach it’s full creative potential while reaching the widest, most engaged audience. We are free to broaden the definition of what publishing is, so that it better fits with how you consume literature and entertainment.

At Hoolet, we want to provide new opportunities for writers and readers alike. New stories, new insights, new access to the process and people behind Hoolet.

We are excited about the future of publishing and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Jamie Szymkowiak

Hiya, I’m Jamie, the imagination behind The Kelvinhill Kids. As a disabled person, I am passionate about increasing the representation of disabled people in public life and creating stories about the adventures of disabled children is one way of achieving that. At Hoolet, we want to provide our readers with opportunity to access writers who are keen to share their passions. I hope you enjoy the world of The Kelvinhill Kids and everything else Hoolet has to offer.

Ali Currie

Oh, hello. I am the creative partner at Hoolet. It is my job to bring things to life using illustration, animation and interactivity. I enjoy swimming, cycling, running, watching rugby and doing the can-can when the need arises. I am the father to two lovely children and husband to the most patient woman in the world.