Engaging with Authors

There are a number of reasons why Hoolet are keen to visit schools, community groups and meet other similar audiences.

First of all, we love to meet the readers. It is our aim to reduce the distance between the author and the reader and there is no better way to do that than in person. Secondly, the values and themes we discuss in our books is unashamedly positive. We want to take every opportunity possible to put those ideas across and work with educators who can use our books as a vehicle for promoting these ideas and presenting their own educational outcomes.

Finally, we would like to sell some books. While we love what we do, we won’t be able to do it for very long if we do not sell some books. We hope you understand that part of every visit has to include opportunities to sell the work of our authors. We offer the following itinerary as a (non-compulsory) menu of activities that we hope will allow the school, the pupils, the authors and Hoolet Publishing to meet their aims.



  • Anticipation video
  • Any materials shared via social media
  • Press release and photo-call, managed by Hoolet
  • Pre event sales window for signed copies


  • Alliteration Creation
  • Book readings
  • Questions and Answers
  • Bookmarks and colouring in sheets
  • Local press photo-call
  • End of day interview with pupil


  • Thank you video produced by Hoolet
  • Further questions and answers
  • Alliteration creation competition
  • Colouring in or illustration competition
  • Competition and other materials shared with social media


  • Is there a local library and/or book store that would like to host a reading event before or after?
  • Is there a nominated literacy / art champion in the school to drive the schools aims?
  • Is there a single person that can escort the author around the school between classes?
  • Does the school have wifi to allow live streamed video of either a reading or Q&A interview?
  • Are there any aspects you would like to incorporate so that the event is unique to your school/group?
  • Is there an opportunity to return year on year with new stories / new authors?


If your school or organisation would like a school visit from one of our authors, we would love to hear from you.

Simply fill out the form or contact us at the details beside the form. We will happily discuss your requirements and any opportunities to engage with young readers and parents.