We are working hard to develop a unique, innovative approach to publishing stories.

Part of that effort involves reducing the distance between reader and author. A further part is about bridging the gap between an author and creative experts so that their vision for the story is best realised.

But we will never become complacent. We are keen to hear about your experiences and your ideas from improving the publishing process.

Comment below, or send us a message to hello@hoolet.scot – we’d love to hear from you.


About Hoolet

Hoolet is a modern publishing company. Our company is built to inhabit the digital age. This is not the business as usual. Stories are our focus, but delivery is what makes us different.

Fun with Hoolet 

Shortly, we will be offering a range of resources to encourage children to engage with our stories and reading in general. Keep an eye on this area for more information as we bring these resources together.

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