Stories are the heart of what we do; in particular, stories that make a difference. Those stories are told across online and real world platforms and are supported, where appropriate, with additional materials that help enhance and elevate the experience for the reader.

What are we working on?

Robot Burns

Can artificial intelligence replicate the elegance, insight and wit of Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns?

That is the question Perry Gibson seeks to explore in this short pamphlet of works generated by his Robert Burns artificial intelligence program, fondly titled “Robot Burns”.

All proceeds from the sale of the publication will be donated to The Samaritans and their work to prevent suicide, a subject close to Perry’s heart following the loss of his friend, Chris, in 2016.

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The Kelvinhill Kids Visit The Kelpies

The adventures of a group of disabled children from Kelvinhill in Scotland.

In this picture book, follow Iona, Fraser, Hiran and Grace on their journey to discover the legend of the Kelpies.

Marvellous Machines and Mini Mimi

Not afraid to speak honestly to adults, Mimi is found suggesting a sensible solution that her supposed superior seniors have let slip.

This tale promotes empowerment in a short story that will be loved by both parents and children.

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