Meet The Kelvinhill Kids

This is a series of picture books that follows the adventures of a group of disabled children from Kelvinhill in Scotland.

As well as just being enjoyable stories for everyone, we believe The Kelvinhill Kids to be a great way of introducing non-disabled children to disability and for disabled children to have stories they can relate to.

Want to meet the kids? Well, here goes…


Iona likes to think she is the leader of the pack. When she’s not planning the group’s next adventure, Iona is always reading books – she loves reading and is very studious!

Iona has Spina Bifida and you can find out more about that condition here:


Fraser is a huge Partick Thistle fan. He loves football. In fact, Fraser loves most sports. You should see his bedroom, it’s always messy, clothes everywhere; and the walls are covered with posters of his sporting heroes.

Fraser is looking forward to getting a new prosthetic fitted in the months ahead. You can find out more about limb loss here:


When Hiran isn’t out on the latest adventure, he loves nothing more than to be spending time playing on his games consoles. Hiran enjoys musical instruments – the louder the better! Hiran also looks forward to his weekly swim with his Dad.

Hiran has Down’s syndrome and you can find out more about that condition here:


Grace is going to be a florist when she grows up. Or maybe a vet. She hasn’t decided yet. After University, Grace plans to move to New York. Or it might be Paris. As you can see, Grace is a bit of a dreamer but one thing is for sure, her favourite singer is Beyonce. Or is it Katy Perry?

Grace’s trusted guide dog, Gus, is always by her side. You can find out more about sight loss here:

What a great gang!

Sorry for teasing you!

If you like what you have learned so far you can now buy the book direct from the publishers by ordering online.

Thanks for reading this preview, we hope you enjoyed it, and hope you are looking forward to following the antics of the gang.

In the meantime…

We love writing stories, and bringing them to life with our illustrations.

We would also love to see what your children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren can do with our stars.

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